he Dwight Foster Public Library is beginning a new program to train senior citizens to use a tablet computer. This program is provided by Generations Online and funded by a grant from Bader Philanthropies.

With step-by-step instructions on every page, the app guides elders with little or no online experience through the basic swiping, tapping, and voice recognition techniques required for interacting with a tablet device. Once these skills are mastered, participants are led onto the Internet, set up with an email account, shown how to download and use apps, and introduced to popular websites.

The group will meet at 3:30 pm for a one-hour session beginning on Tuesday, July 18. Volunteer coach Abigail Armour will guide learners as needed but much of the learning is self-paced. The course will continue for the next three Tuesdays. We have 4 tablets available for use in the class. Participants are welcome to bring their own tablet as well.
Registration is required for this class.

Please contact Amy Lutzke at (920) 563-7790 to sign up.