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Welcome to Jefferson County, Wisconsin

We invite you to enjoy Jefferson County, where you can explore six cities, four villages, and 16 towns to find an array of fun that only small-town communities who understand big-city amenities can offer. Enjoy the charm. Enjoy the one-of-a-kind and eclectic entrepreneurial spirit. Enjoy the flavor. Enjoy the farm. Enjoy the outdoors. We’re picturing you here already.

Upcoming Events

So much to choose from throughout the county!  Be sure to check back often in case dates/times change.



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Domani Salon and Spa in Watertown
Fort HealthCare
Enter to Win Gift Cards in Jefferson County

Culvers of Johnson Creek WI
Jones Dairy Farm Market in Fort Atkinson
Jefferson Area Business Center in Jefferson WI
WSLD 104.5 Country Radio Station
Gemuetlichkeit Days Festival

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