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of Jefferson County

Jefferson County is known for our prime location between Madison and Milwaukee, but did you know we have a rich history of agricultural life that we celebrate?

There are many agri-businesses that make their home in Jefferson County, including Jones Dairy Farm, Crystal Farms, a myriad of farmers markets and farm-to-table restaurants, and a bustling metropolis of Barn Quilts.

The Jefferson County Barn Quilt Tour is a self-guided driving experience where you can take in the agri-side of our county’s personality. We invite you to take a road trip and view more than 40 colorful and distinctive barn quilts throughout the county and find some great adventures to stop along the way.

During your travels, check out some of our featured agri-businesses!

Call ahead for hours of operation.

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Special Thanks

We want to extend a special thank you to Mariah Hadler, Tawney Hadler and Marsha Anderson for their hard work getting us started in our feature of Barn Quilts around Jefferson County.

Jones Yellow Barn with the Fort Chamber
Pictured at the Jones Market Yellow Barn are (left to right) Carol Sapienza, JCTAC Secretary, Cambridge/Oakland representative; Holly Tierney, Tourism Director, Fort Atkinson Chamber of Commerce; Tawney Hadler, Barn Quilt Artist & creator of the Barn Quilt tour; Marsha Anderson, Barn Quilt Tour Copywriter; Mariah Hadler, Jones Market, Sales & Marketing Manager.
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