Nestled in the heart of south-central Wisconsin, just a stone’s throw from both Madison and Milwaukee, Jefferson County is home to rolling hills,grassy prairies and lovely shorelines offering enjoyment and recreational opportunities to residents and visitors alike.

With over a dozen county parks highlighting the natural beauty of the area, it’s hard for anyone to pick a favorite. But, perched atop a lush hill, withsweeping views of a resplendent Rock Lake, lays Korth Park.

Located minutes west of downtown Lake Mills, the 89-acre park boasts a massive timber frame pavilion, miles of prairie walking trails, spectacularlake views and… a beer hall? Well, not typically, but for three evenings this summer, Korth Park will not only showcase Rock Lake in all its summerglory but also the county’s only microbrewery for a series of special events appropriately coined “Brew with a View”.

For one Thursday evening in June, July and August, Korth Park will be reminiscent of a traditional German biergarten… but with a modern twist.From 5 to 8:30 pm, there will (of course) be a great outdoor space, with picnic tables and fresh air, where patrons can gather to sip a variety of locallybrewed craft beers from Tyranena Brewing Company, listen to music and enjoy a fantastic meal. But rather than polka and pretzels, each Brew witha View will host more eclectic flavors.

Brew with a View will provide a family-friendly environment; not only does Korth Park offer a large playground for children to enjoy but, for non-alcoholic options, Tyranena’s house-made Root Beer Soda will be available.

Due to limited parking, the Parks Department requests that attendees carpool whenever possible, and there is additional parking at the shelter on Elm Point Road. The park is also accessible via an offshoot of the Glacial Drumlin Bike Trail.

Those interested in attending can find more information on each Brew with a View event on Tyranena Brewing Company’s website: (link under “Events & Happenings”)