Gemuetlichkeit means good times, good fun, good fellowship. Gemuetlichkeit Days is a community festival to build spirit and unity by celebrating our community’s German heritage in a family friendly atmosphere. Throughout the weekend community members will don their dirndls and lederhosen to celebrate with German food, contests and a huge parade on Sunday at noon.

A note about the 2020 event:

During these unprecedented times, we want to provide you with an update on our 2020 Gemuetlichkeit Days festival.

This isn’t easy news to deliver, but after many weeks of discussion and carefully considering our options, the Gemuetlichkeit Days Board of Directors has made the decision to postpone our 50th Gemuetlichkeit festival to next year September 17,18,& 19, 2021.

Depending upon where you are or to what extent you’ve been impacted by COVID 19, this may or may not come as a surprise to you. I’m sure there may be many of you who are disappointed, myself included, but your health, safety, and comfort are our top priority.

Since Gemuetlichkeit Days is a celebration of everything we are so proud of in our German Wisconsin heritage, it is our priority to create a festival where everyone feels welcome & safe.

It is still the CDCs recommendation to maintain social distancing guidelines -including the limit of large gatherings- with no clear end date to those restrictions.

We want to provide you with the autonomy and flexibility to decide for yourself when to travel or congregate based on your own health needs, comfort level, family circumstances, etc…

As much as we’d like to “wait it out” and hope for the best, we felt it was important to be proactive in our decision making, especially for the people who travel and take vacation time just to come to our festival, and for the safety and health of our own community.

Besides, with the cancellations or postponements of many other area festivals & parades, our king & queen- to-be have not been able to enjoy all the excitement that leads up to our big event. Nor have they even been announced.

With a decision made, our group is now free to refocus 100% on our 50th Year of Gemuetlichkeit Days with some exciting promotions to come leading up to next year’s event!

This will definitely be one for the history books!

As always, Thank you to our sponsors for your continued support with our community celebration. We look forward to seeing you in 2021 and will plan an even better 50th celebration!

Stay healthy & be safe!
Tony Haffelder
Gemuetlichkeit Days President

The 2nd edition of the Gemuetlichkeit Days German Cookbook is now available! Visit our website for homemade recipes inspired by our heritage.


Fees : 15.00