Ready your wands, cloaks, and brooms and get ready for a magical weekend you’ll never forget! The 3rd Annual Harry Potter Festival brings the magic to Jefferson, Wisconsin for 2017 for an even bigger and better festival with all of your favorite activities and vendors plus a whole range of new experiences for Potter fans of all ages!

Friday, Oct 20

  • Lighted Festival Parade  We’ll kick off our festival Friday evening with a parade through town for everyone to enjoy, whether you have a wristband or not. 6:30pm
  • Concert in Rotary Park  8-11pm

Sat & Sun, Oct 21-22, 8:00am to 4:00pm

  • Serpent’s Corn Maze  Walk through the long-dead remnants of a massive serpent set in our 5 acre corn field. Will you find a way out? Takes approximately 45 minutes. Wristband required.
  • Dragon’s Alley  Shop, eat and peruse the goods at this riverfront location. Wristband required.
  • Festival Village  Explore and shop at our indoor village filled with rare finds and exciting activities. Wristband required.
  • Lego Display at the Owl Post  You’ll be amazed to see your favorite scenes from the books and movies faithfully recreated in Lego form. See how many characters you can identify! Wristband required.
  • Live Wizard’s Chess at Riverfront Park  Come just to watch or maybe even participate in a life-sized game of chess. While you’re there, shop at the many vendors surrounding the board! Wristband required.
  • Mandrake Greenhouse  Our greenhouse will be filled with all manner of magical plants. Stop here to watch a show and learn all about them! Wristband required.
  • Owl Post  Hosted by the Audubon Society. Come and see the owls! Get your personalized acceptance letter and other documents. Wristband required. Extra fee required for purchases.
  • Quidditch Tournament  You’ll be thrilled as you watch college Quidditch teams from across the country play in one of our newest, fastest-growing sports in the world! Tensfeldt Park. Wristband required.
  • Serpent’s Alley  Need more shopping? Of course you do! Come by Serpent’s Alley to Find all the treasures you want. Old Firehouse Alley. Wristband required.
  • Sorting Hat Experience  Put the Sorting Hat on your head and find out which House you belong to! Wristband required. Hosted by the Masonic Temple at Jefferson County Lodge #9
  • The Lost Tunnel  Explore the hidden part of the Muggle village but don’t let the dragon get too close! Also be sure to shop for costumes! Wristband required. Hosted by the FCCU Building
  • Wizard’s Prison at Riverfront Park  The dementors keep the prisoners contained, but be careful that you don’t also get dragged inside! Wristband required.

Other Events

Additional Charge May Be Required

  • Character Meals  Dine and hobnob with your favorite professors and students. There is an additional cost and is not included with the wristband.
  • Drive-In Movies  Hosted by the Highway 18 Outdoor Theatre and the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce. There is an additional cost and is not included with the wristband.
    Friday, Oct 20, 8:30pm:  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.
    Sat, Oct 21, 6:30pm:  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    Sat, Oct 21, 9:15pm: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • Harry Potter Themed Artrageous  Hosted by the Council for the Performing Arts., this one-of-a-kind interactive performance incorporates live art, music, dance, life sized puppetry, and audience participation all tied to Harry Potter! There is an additional cost and is not included with the wristband. Sat, Oct 21, 7pm.
  • Helicopter Rides  Sat & Sun, Oct 21-22, 8am-4pm

Wristbands allow access to specialty events and venues such as live Wizards Chess, Dragon’s Alley, Serpent’s Alley, Festival Village, Quidditch Matches, the Greenhouse, and more! You’ll also be granted access to free shuttles from parking to the events. Wristbands are also available in Jefferson at Piggly Wiggly, City Hall, The Drug Store, The Festival Shoppe at 230 S. Main St. and River’s Edge Meat Market & Catering.


Fees : $11 children, $25 adults