Enjoy a scenic bike ride through Jefferson, Rock and Walworth Counties featuring beautiful Whitewater Lake Loop. Offering three different route options: full metric century (63 miles), half metric century (32 miles), or quarter metric century (16 miles).

This ride pays homage to the Hoard heritage, as the road passes through some of the picturesque farmland that made this region famous. Not as hilly as the country to the north and east, there are still a few climbs that will have you dropping into your lowest gears.

Things to see: Towns of Fort Atkinson and Cold Spring, Hoard Historical Museum and Dairy Shrine, Fireside Restaurant and Playhouse, Glacial Lake Trail, Lake Koshkonong, Rock and Bark Rivers.

Registration includes breakfast treats, fully stocked rest stops, detailed maps, well-marked routes, and a ticket to the all famous all-you-can-eat Lions Club Chicken & Corn Dinner.