Interested in Advertising?

Our 2017 guide is out and we’re planning for the rest of 2017 and 2018.  If you’re interested or have questions, please contact Jennifer Erdman by email or by calling 414-213-4125.

Web Advertising

Name, address with google map, description, special offer space, web and social media links, video and up to 8 photos. Plus access to list unlimited events that will also appear in our monthly newsletter.
[table colalign=”left|center|center|center”]
Web Ad~~6 Months~1 Year
Place Listing~~$100~$150
Upgrade to Feature on Home Page~~$70~$125
Small Banner ad~150×150 pixels~~$160
Large Banner ad~300×250 pixels~~$260

2018 Printed Guide

Full color Ad including Graphic Design.
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Print Ad Size~~Dimensions~Without`Web~With 1 year`Web
1/8 Page~~2.25” x 1.75”~$210~$185
1/4 Page~Horizontal~4.625” x 1.75”~$365~$325
~Vertical~2.25” x 3.625”~$365~$325
1/2 Page~Horizontal~4.625” x 3.625”~$675~$595
~Vertical~2.25” x 7.375”~$675~$595
Full Page~~4.625” x 7.375”~$1,300~$1,150
Premium Placement~~~Add 25%~Add 25%
Add a Listing to Your Ad~~~$10/line~$7/line
Add a Photo to Your Listing~~~$50~$35
Stand Alone Listing~~~$15/line~$10/line
Add a Photo to Your Stand Alone Listing~~~$65~$45


View Our Media Kit

View information on our pricing plus examples of the pages you’d be advertising on including images of our website and other social marketing options.