I’m definitely partial to dog related activities. We bring our dogs with us EVERYWHERE. We search for dog friendly restraints wherever we go and bring them with us shopping, for strolls thru downtowns and especially to dog parks. Jefferson County has an incredible dog park. First off, it’s huge! Second, it’s so serene and relaxing. The dogs get to run like crazy and we’re not smushed in there with other dogs. It even has a water pump to give the dogs fresh water.

When we were out there last week, we ran into Perry Tinsley, who’s wife is the namesake for the Terri Tinsley Dog Exercise Area. He was filming a podcast about the dog park and how he got involved after his wife’s tragic death. I never knew the story behind the name. Watch the video for a great background and a wonderful overview of the park.

And don’t forget to stop by!

Jennifer Erdman is a Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer. She works with the Jefferson County Tourism Council on their annual Official Guide.