Experience the Natural World with Drawing and Photography

Wisconsin may be known for its moose population, but there are over 10 different species of game and hundreds of wildlife species. In Jefferson County, we can see most of these species in our local parks. They form the backbone of our natural society and should be a point of more attention. Photography and drawing are popular ways to record your experiences with Jefferson County’s wildlife. Jefferson County is full of trails, parks, and other areas in which wildlife can be found in their native habitats.

Kinds of Wildlife to See 

While exploring Jefferson County, you are sure to see various types of game ranging from deer to bears and even turkeys. This wildlife is native to the area and has been here for hundreds of years. They can be found off the beaten trail and sometimes in plain sight. Wolves can be found in the wooded areas along with 19 species of furbearers like coyotes, foxes, otters, minks, badgers, weasels, bobcats, and raccoon. Birds can show up often too with falcons and bald eagles making rare appearances.

In the summer months, watch the nature change with seasonal introductions like butterflies and frogs coming out from hiding. These creatures fascinate and are fascinated by children, making this season optimal for experiences with children. Bird watching is also popular around this time of year with many people coming out to enjoy the natural spectacle.

How to Photograph & Draw Wildlife

Photographing wildlife is popular nowadays because of the instantaneous results produced by the camera. Animals in the wild don’t sit still for very long and if your timing is good, photographing these animals can be a fun game. To successfully photograph wildlife, you will need a camera and know how to use it. Your phone is a popular choice these days since we always have them on us, but if you are looking for high-quality shots, a professional camera is necessary.

Photographing animals is easy once you find them. If you can find a slower, less mobile animal, drawing them is also an option. Drawing wildlife is also a popular pastime for artistic types and for Wisconsin residents, visitors, and kids alike. For beginners, visiting Jefferson County to learn to draw or photograph wildlife is a great idea.

Once it has been decided whether you are going to photograph or draw, it is time to find the wildlife. Animals are best photographed in their natural habitat, so be quiet and slowly approach them until you have found your perfect angle. Shoot wide and shoot close is a good tip to remember since the zoom feature can lower the quality of photos. Wildlife can be hard to find in their natural state, but keeping a low profile and keeping quiet is a good way for the wildlife to feel comfortable and come out. Drawing requires more of a time commitment compared to photographing these creatures. Both arts are a great way to get outdoors with friends or family and to see the world around us.

Photo by Evan Kirby on Unsplash

Jane is a freelance writer contributing to Enjoy Jefferson County.