Whitewater, WI is notoriously known for its hauntings and haunted places, especially with legends of the Witches of Whitewater Lake and graveyards that create an isosceles triangle. Any stay, drive, or walk around the city at night in October will show you why Whitewater is The Second Salem. While haunted houses create a good scare, these 5 haunted places will surely make your hair stand on end.

Haunted Place #1

Hamilton House B&B328 W Main St.


Haunted guest room in The Hamilton House

Not only is this big, beautiful Victorian built atop an underground tunnel, but legend has it that the house is haunted by the ghosts of Little Boy Posey and his mother, Sarah. Book a stay in Sarah’s old room, “the Pissarro”, to hear about a time that the house had a doll museum where dolls just wouldn’t stay put. And maybe, in the early morning hours, you’ll hear Sarah humming in the East Garden.

Haunted Place #2

The Winchester House532 W Main St.


A peak through the window at the Winchester House

Chaos and mayhem erupt behind closed doors of the Tincher Realty office, formally the home of Lucius Winchester. Lucius, who was cursed by a supposed witch, Mary Worth, now haunts the building regularly in anger. Take a drive-by late at night and see if you can catch the strange flicker of lights or the ghost of Lucius move past a window.

Haunted Place #3

Hillside Cemetery – South Wisconsin St.


Gate lock in the Hillside Cemetery

This cemetery, built on a few small rolling hills, welcomes you through a grand limestone archway. As you meander the paved roads throughout the cemetery, the main road begins to disappear from view. You may find yourself immersed in peace amongst the stillness of those who’ve passed, or you may catch a glimpse of the ghost of a supposed witch, Mary Worth, whose mausoleum resides at the highest point of the cemetery. Enter at night at your own discretion.

Haunted Place #4

Historic Starin Park Water Tower504 W Starin Rd.


Starin Park Water Tower

Used as a place for witches to gather, chant, and perform rituals, the Starin Park Historic Water Tower (aka The Witches Tower) is legendary. One night, they noticed an iron fence was erected all around the tower with spikes pointing inward. Is it to keep something in rather than out? Visit on Halloween Eve and listen for noises from within the tower or wait for a spirit or two to emerge from the darkness.

Haunted Place #5

UW-Whitewater Greenhill Center of the Arts (CA)950 W Main St.


Greenhill Center of the Arts at UWW

An entity or two (or more!) haunts the CA, according to a number of students and staff. Late at night, you can hear hammering coming from the metals room. Chairs move around in various classrooms. A ghost roams the backstage of the Young Auditorium.  And in the basement (where you’ll find endless practice rooms), elevators descend from upstairs and open as you’re passing by… And you’re not greeted by another student.

Happy hauntings. Good luck out there!

Katy Daixon Wimer is a southern Wisconsin photographer, story-teller, soul dweller, and poet dedicated to telling your story and reconnecting you to yourself. Capturing who you are and telling your story while guiding you toward a deeper connection with yourself light Katy up. That’s where the magic happens.