If a patron doesn’t return to your place of business, there may be a few explanations:

  • 3% don’t’ come back because they MOVE AWAY.
  • 5% don’t come back because they DEVELOP OTHER RELATIONSHIPS with other businesses.
  • 90% don’t come back because they ARE DISSATISFIED WITH THE PRODUCT.

Those all seem like pretty logical reasons not to come back. But 68% don’t come back because they EXPERIENCE AN ATTITUDE OF INDIFFERENCE OR RUDENESS TOWARD THE CUSTOMER BY THE OWNER, MANAGER OR AN EMPLOYEE.

On 5/1, join the Jefferson County Tourism partners and the Wisconsin Department of Tourism as we review the basic rules of customer service. This 90 minute program is open to anyone in the service industry. Don’t hesitate to send your entire staff, as this program will teach your employees how to effectively communicate and create a positive customer service experience for all of your guests.

A prospering business is dependent on the first class service our visitors receive. Great customer service allows us to bring fun to life. In Wisconsin.

Coordinated by Vetro Winery, The Jefferson Chamber, The Jefferson County Tourism Council & presented by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism.  Registration form follows this post.

Wednesday May 1st, 12:30 pm at Vetro Winery (1414 Vino Lane, Jefferson)
Please register by Wed, April 24th
Lunch is at 12pm
$10 optional Seminar will Start at 12:30

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