Woolen Mills Event Center

About this Partner

Reserve the Atrium Room, the Hall on the West Bank or the City View Room for up to 350 guests. Let us show you something as old as Jefferson’s History in the textile industry, then we will surprise you with something as new as Photovoltaic panels making our electricity and finish with a sky blue view of the city. All framed in a whimsical pattern of colors, art work and craftsmanship. You plan your event; we will give you the space to make it (a success) (incredible) (extraordinary) (fantastic) (remarkable) (amazing) (phenomenal)!

Located on the west bank of the Rock River, inside the Jefferson Area Business Center, a 19th-century woolen mill has been transformed into an exquisite site to entertain guests and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Contact Information
222 Wisconsin Dr., Jefferson, WI 53549
Phone: 920-674-9000