Guidelines for Event Submissions

Please use this guide to help you, as a community rep, enter and/or approve events entered by advertisers and non-advertisers to the Jefferson County Area Tourism Council’s (JCATC) website,

  1. Before posting ANY event, please search the site to make sure that the event isn’t already on the site.
  2. All events posted on must take place within the boundary of Jefferson County and its communities (some of which lie over the county line) unless specific permission is given from JCATC.
  3. Advertisers have the opportunity to list any of their events on our calendar. Those that have a larger number of events and/or want to publish blog posts (i.e. The Fireside Theatre) are given the upgraded “advertiser” user permissions for easier management.
  4. As a rule, events submitted to our website by non-advertisers will be forwarded to the community where the event will be held. As the point person for your community, you must communicate directly with that person submitting the event and either approve that event or offer a reason why it will not appear on our live site. To help with the approval process, here are some best practice guidelines to follow for all event submissions:
    1. Jennifer Erdman will forward submissions received from our website for your community. These will be non-advertiser listings but if you have any questions contact her directly.
    2. Verify the event has the following information:
      1. Event date/time
      2. Event location
      3. Event organizer name & contact information
      4. Links to websites and venue sites (double check that the links are active and point to the correct event)
    3. Verify the event is not a demonstration, protest, or religious service (it may be an event run by a religious organization- Easter Egg Hunt, but not a service).
    4. Verify the event is likely to appeal to a wide range of nearby and out-of-town visitors.
    5. Photo Policy:
      1. Communities and advertisers are permitted and encouraged to use photos in their event listings. Non-advertisers will not be allowed photos unless the community representative feels that it is appropriate to do so.
      2. All photos must be clear and of good quality. Low resolution images and images where the subject matter cannot be clearly identified will not be used.
      3. Whomever uploads the photo personally assumes responsibility in any copyrighting release from the photographer or owner of the image.
      4. JCATC will not accept or allow disturbing photos that depict or promote violence
  1. Events listing on should adhere to the following guidelines:
    1. The event must be a tourism related that will attract people both locally and from afar.
    2. The event takes place in Jefferson County (with exception to areas that lie within communities that are both in Jefferson and overlapping counties)
    3. The event should be open to the public. It does not need to be a free event, but one that is open to everyone attending and/or purchasing a ticket (JCATC promotes events of inclusion, not exclusion).
    4. The event must adhere to all local, state, and federal laws.
    5. Offer wholesome language; JCATC does not promote events with foul language in their event titles or descriptions (or those that mimic inappropriate words).
    6. May not be a protest, demonstration, or religious service
    7. May not promote violence
  2. JCATC reserves the right to remove any event or photo from the website should it be determined that we do not have the rights to the photo, the event information is wrong,
  3. or if it does not adhere to the above guidelines.

*revised January 16, 2022