Quilt Shops and Barn Quilts

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Quilting has been around for a long time, dating back to the late 17th century, early 1800s. Those early quilts were decorative items that displayed the fine needlework of the maker. Years ago sewing, quilting, any type of needle work was the pastime for many and a good share of this was done by hand. Quilting continues to be an enjoyable pastime for many. We have a few quilt shops listed for you, The Quilt Patch, Fort Atkinson, Kari’s Country Sew Unique, Whitewater, and Woodland Quilts & Crafts, Whitewater.

Barn Quilts

Barn Quilts are the Picasso and Matisse’s of the 21st century. They bring out human emotion and they put a smile on the face of the people who understand the message within them as each has its own story. They continue to find a place on barns, shed, and some other buildings. If you need an adventure during this challenging time a drive around Jefferson County to see them is fun and who knows what else you might find. Below is a list of addresses where some are located. I have been told there is over 50 in Jefferson County!

  • N3282 Cty Road B, Watertown
  • N7348 Road P, Watertown
  • N3409 Hwy B, Concord
  • Jelli’s Market, N5648 S. Farmington Rd, Helenville (take Hwy 18 east from Jefferson towards Helenville)
  • N4561 Duck Creek Rd., Helenville
  • N5237 Hwy B, Aztalan (between Johnson Creek, & Lake Mills)
  • N5973 County B, Aztalan
  • W3830 US 18, Jefferson
  • W4546 US 18, Jefferson
  • 748 Wisconsin Dr, Jefferson
  • N5761 County Road Y (between Johnson Creek & Jefferson)
  • N4703 N. Schopen Rd, Jefferson (East of Jefferson on Hwy 18)
  • Jones Dairy Farm, Riverside Drive, Fort Atkinson (Look across the river to see the quilt Tawney designed)
  • 221 Jackson St, Fort Atkinson
  • N2482 CTH N, Fort Atkinson
  • W7772 US 12, Fort Atkinson
  • W4560 Fremont Rd, Whitewater

Barn quilts have become so popular that a Fort Atkinson student & 4-Her, Tawney Hadler, a student at Fort Atkinson has started her own barn quilt design business. She is currently contributing designs for four Fort Atkinson elementary schools, and working on more designs for more schools. She is part of a team working on a Jefferson County barn quilt tour. Several counties in Wisconsin have these barn quilt touring maps available. If you are interested in seeing  Hadler’s barn quilts or would like a barn quilt of your own, visit the Cold Spring Custom Quilts website.

The Annual Sheep and Wool Festival (scheduled for September 10-12, 2021, at Jefferson County Fair Park) is three-day event has many interesting events and daily Country Store hours with a wide variety of items available for purchase. Check out the Jefferson County Fair Park website for more information on dates and times.

Don’t forget to take the Barn Quilt Tour in Jefferson County where we combine some of our favorite past times.  Barns, quilts and ROAD TRIPS!


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