To plan your Jefferson County snowmobiling adventure, turn to the Jefferson County Snowmobile map  and get ready to have some cheek-chilling, air-bracing, exhilaratingly beautiful fun! You can also contact the Jefferson Snowmobile Alliance for information on the club trails. The Alliance has 18 snowmobile clubs and over 800 members.

All of the Jefferson County snowmobile trails (public and club) are maintained by the Jefferson Snowmobile Alliance, and their efforts ensure great rides in our scenic countryside. You can call their hotline at 920-699-SNOW for current trail information. Due to our unpredictable Wisconsin winters, it’s always best to find out before your snowmobile jaunt if the trails are open or closed! The public trails are funded through an annual grant from the Wisconsin DNR, through the Outdoor Motorized Recreation Trail Aids Program, providing trails with great signs and grooming for public use and enjoyment.

Beautiful Jefferson County is divided into four quadrants, which you will see on the map. State Highway 26 divides the county north and south; the Glacial Drumlin Trail divides the county east and west.

So – get your gear, call your friends, call the hotline, check the map – and then GET SNOWMOBILING in Jefferson County!

Snowmobiling in Jefferson County

Article By Katie Otto and Kim Buchholz

Katie Otto is a freelance writer who provides JCTC with some spectacular content and information. She's previously held the role of Secretary for the Jefferson County Tourism Council, has assembled our Monthly Newsletter and was the Executive Director for the Lake Mills Main Street Program, a non-profit community organization that is dedicated to the preservation, growth and vitality of Lake Mills through public events and active community involvement.