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If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, Fort Atkinson has something for everyone!

✓ Peaceful and quiet outdoor recreation

✓ Family fun for all ages

✓ Exciting experiences sure to get your adrenaline pumping

✓ Patio seating and picnic tables located downtown – perfect for takeout from your favorite local restaurant! Click here for local suggestions.

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For now, we’ve highlighted some of our most recent posts below!

Weekend Activities

For this weekend’s activity, we enlisted the help and expertise of our friends at Rock River Bait Box!

Wisconsin is known for its abundant access to water, with our state boasting more than 15,000 lakes and approximately 56,884 miles of river. And we’ve got some under-the-radar, fish-filled waterways right here in Fort!
Click here to find information on how to plan for your local fishing trip on the Rock River – common fish this time of year, recommendations on fishing spots, packing list must haves, and your one-stop shop for all things fishing at Rock River Bait Box.
Happy fishing!

This weekend activity is ideal for those that love sleeping under the stars, sitting around a campfire, and roasting marshmallows – camping at Jellystone Park of Fort Atkinson! With tent sites, camper sites, and cabins, there’s an opportunity for everyone to enjoy summertime camping.

The park even hosts themed weekends! Check out their Facebook page for updates.

Visit their website to reserve your future weekend getaway at Jellystone Park: www.jellystonefort.com

Looking for an adrenaline rush paired with a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience? Check out Wisconsin Skydiving Center, located right outside of Fort Atkinson!

With more than 55 years of combined skydiving experience, owners Bo Babovic and Alex Kolacio are truly passionate about the sport of skydiving and are dedicated to providing everyone with the best experience possible. Perfect for first-time or experienced divers!

Check out their availability calendar to book your jump!
Visit their website here: www.wisconsinskydivingcenter.com

Fort Atkinson Features

Panther Intaglio

Discovered in 1850 by Increase A. Lapham, Fort Atkinson’s panther intaglio is the only known intaglio Effigy mound left in the world. Intaglios are different than traditional mounds because they are created by forming a depression into the ground rather than building up as a mound.

So why the shape of a panther? While it’s hard to know for sure…
Archaeologists believe that ceremonial water spirits are represented by long-tailed creatures that sometimes resemble panthers or lizards. One theory is that water spirits are thought to be associated with the ancient belief in the division of our world, specifically the Lower World, which could be interpreted from the lakes, marshes, and rivers of eastern Wisconsin.

The intaglio is marked by a state historic marker near 1236 Riverside Drive. This landmark is located near private homes, so remember to be respectful of others if you plan to visit!

If you haven’t had the chance, click here to see the panther intaglio featured in Fort’s Discover Wisconsin episode!


Rock River Water Trail

The Rock River Water Trail is the first national water trail in Wisconsin and Illinois designated by the National Park Service.

The water trail begins in Waupan, passing through 37 communities (including Fort Atkinson), and ends in Rock Island, Illinois. The 320-mile water trail meanders down a gentle gradient through beautiful rural and wilderness landscapes and vibrant urban riverfronts.

There are 155 access sites on the water trail, 50 of which are designated as accessible to persons with disabilities. Fort Atkinson is in Section E of the individual trail segments.

Click here to learn more. 

Skate Park

Have you stopped by the newly completed Fort Atkinson Wheels Park in Ralph Park? This 6,000 square foot skate park features numerous ramps, handrails, an open bowl, and other challenges for rollerbladers, scooter riders, skateboarders, and bikers!


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